3 Reasons to Use Pond Dye

We all know the natural beauty of water can be mesmerizing. Turn that same water a deep-blue color and it will go from mesmerizing to downright hypnotic.  But the benefits go beyond beautifying. Pond managers also use pond dye to control unwanted plants and algae, as well as protect the beneficial bacteria from dangerous UV … Continue reading 3 Reasons to Use Pond Dye


Work the Garden and Grow Fish – Part III

Now that you have increased the alkalinity and the pH of your water is in check, it’s time to fertilize.  Fertilizing adds nitrogen and phosphorous to your water. This helps phytoplankton thrive, which is the base of your pond’s food chain. Increasing phytoplankton creates more zooplankton that are consumed by juvenile sport fish (like bass … Continue reading Work the Garden and Grow Fish – Part III


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