Fountains and aeration – specializing in Airmax Ecosystem products

Algae and weed control

Licensed herbicide applicator

Fish population surveys and management

Fish stocking and feeding

Fertilization and liming

Koi pond design and installation

Lake mapping

Pond construction advice


The first step in creating the pond of your dreams is to have us to do a site visit. For $75, a biologist will do an initial assessment and will discuss your options with you at a time that is convenient for you. This service fee is refundable if you decide for us to do any work on your property. This service fee also includes a comprehensive management plan, complete with an accurate measurement of size of your pond and recommendations for aquatic vegetation (weeds) control, improving fish populations, or beautifying your aquascape with fountains and other water-based attractions.  

For vegetation control from one our licensed herbicide applicators, we charge $70 per hour for shore-based applications or $80 per hour to spray from a boat, (generally required for larger ponds). We also offer integrated management plans that incorporate Grass Carp, a grass-eating fish. We handle the permitting, acquisition and stocking of these fish that work great alongside an herbicide program to control aquatic vegetation

We have a unique insight into creating healthy and productive fisheries in ponds throughout the southeast. Whether you have an existing pond with established fish populations, a newly-created pond that needs to be stocked, or simply need help designing the pond of your dreams, we can help you build it right, stock it right and manage it right.  Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Redear Sunfish and Channel Catfish are native species that work for ponds in the region. Let us put together a personalized plan that will maximize your ponds potential. Are you interested in creating a trophy Largemouth Bass pond? We will use cutting-edge techniques to produce that fish of a lifetime. Do you want quality bream fishing or a catfish pond that will keep friends and family busy catching fish? Let us design a fish feeding program that will cause both growth rates and catch rates to soar!

Do you have ideas for incorporating a water feature in your landscaping? Aquascaping is a great way to add a sense of nature and tranquility to your property. We have biologist on staff that has experience building and managing water gardens and Koi ponds across the south eastern United States.

Do you need a pier or dock installed so that you can enjoy more time on the water but from the luxury of a lawn chair? We also offer construction services to help you maximize your time on the water.